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apricot and raspberry tarts

i love to bake fruit desserts, especially homey looking ones.  i made these free form tarts for the office aids walk bake sale and they seemed to be very well received!  one of the things that i will miss the most about san francisco is the farmers market and the productive califorian weather and soil.  i wanted to use up some of the pie crust that i made and froze awhile ago and i knew i wanted some sort of fruit pastry.  i originally planned on a rhubarb filled pastry, but happy quail farms was sold out and these beautiful apricots from twin girls seemed perfect for these tarts.  a bonus of 2 pints of raspberries made their way into my bag when i bought 3 pints (!) of strawberries.  later in the kitchen, i thought about the classic pairing of stone fruits and almonds and i made an easy frangipane with almonds and a bit of powdered sugar.  this paste provides a nice barrier against the pastry to prevent sogginess.  while these tarts look pretty fancy, they are much easier to make then an actual pie because of the very free- form shape.  i made mini sizes to be used in the bake sale, but a large tart would be a great end to a dinner party with a generous dollop of barely sweetened whipped cream.

free form fruit tarts

inspired by the farmers market

you can switch out the fruit based on the season.  apple is classic, rhubarb would be amazing, and mixed berry would be the height of summer.


your favorite pie or tart pastry, such as this one; i doubled this

make sure it is well chilled

almond frangipane-

1 cup of almonds

1/4 ish cup powdered sugar

pinch of salt

combine these in your food processor until a paste forms, but not until it turns into almond butter.    i do not have a food processor so i just did it in small batches in my blender.  you might need to add a bit of canola oil to get it started.  set aside.

fruits of your choice

egg wash (1 beaten egg with a bit of milk)

raw sugar for sprinkling


preheat oven to 375.

divide out the pastry dough into 4 or 5 pieces if you want mini tarts.  or simply roll out (into vaguely a circle) the dough  for a large tart.  spread the almond frangipane thinly over the dough and layer on the fruit.  fold the excess crust up over the fruit to contain the juices.  lightly brush the pastry with some of the egg wash and sprinkle on a bit of sugar.  bake until the crust is well browned the fruit soft.  cool on a rack and serve.





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