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harvest days

Spring has truly sprung! In the last two weeks, we started harvesting the first new crops of the season. Deliciously tender and sweet asparagus! Juicy spinach! Definitely a welcome change to all of that kale we have been eating. During last Friday’s harvest I picked about 7 pounds of spinach. It is sort of crazy to think that I touched every single leaf of spinach that was sold.

On the agenda for this week: finish planting thousands(!) of onion starts and putting the plastic on the new hoophouse. The weather forecast is surprisingly wonderful so it should be a great week. Coming up: rhubarb cinnamon rolls.



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day to day

It has been two weeks since I’ve moved to the farm. Everyday is different, but there is a general routine that we follow.

6.30-6.45am: Wake up to all of the roosters crowing. And crowing and crowing.

7am: Head out to do the morning animal chores.

Check on and feed and water the chicks.

chicks in the brooder

Give fresh hay to the cows.

Golden, who is expecting a calf this summer.

Morning egg collection.

Feed and water our three chicken flocks.

Peep in the greenhouse.

7.45-8am: Breakfast! For me, hot oatmeal and tea.

9.30am-1pm: Morning work. Two days a week are harvest days. We could be building the new hoophouse, sowing in the greenhouse, prepping new beds, etc.

1pm-2pm: Lunchtime! Usually something with an egg on top.

2pm-5.30pm: Afternoon work. Sometimes similar to what we did in the morning. More sowing, transplanting seedlings outside, working on smaller building projects. Afternoon egg collection.

After we finish work, I might go for a run, ride my bike into town, or do some yoga.

We alternate cooking dinner each night and drink lots of hot tea as the sun goes down. At night, I’ll usually knit and listen to npr or podcasts. Everyday is different, mostly fun, and full of good work. This week, there was sun almost everyday! Spring is definitely in the air.

brand new lambs from next door


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here on the farm

I have been quiet these past few weeks. Mostly because you don’t really need another kale salad or pan of roasted veggies, but because change was in the air! You see, last Sunday, I moved from our city apartment in Belltown, Seattle to a small family farm on Vashon Island.

chickens from the lower coop

At the beginning of the year, I was offered a season long internship/apprenticeship on Plum Forest Farm. In the six months after graduating from architecture school, I looked for all types of jobs. Jobs as an Americorps volunteer, jobs involving community gardening, and, yes, even jobs as an architect. I spent the summer and fall volunteering at several community gardens and farms, growing food for Seattle area food banks. How fun is that? I really enjoyed spending my days outside, planting, harvesting, and even weeding. Then, I watched the documentary The Greenhorns. It was so inspiring to see young American farmers at work and witness the beginning of change in American food values. If you are near a showing of The Greenhorns, definitely try to catch it.  Farming began to seem like something I could do.

freshly planted peas

And now, I am starting my farming education! There are two of us interns working with the main farmer and we are really gearing up for the season, building a new hoophouse, sowing lots of seeds, and prepping beds for planting. A batch of cute, fluffy baby (meat) chicks arrived last weekend and in ten short weeks, they will be ready for slaughter. Two flocks of chickens are laying more and more eggs each day, really heralding in the beginning of spring.

seedlings growing up in the greenhouse

Farm food is a bit sparse right now and we are eating a lot of kale, mustard greens, and eggs. This blog will become part food blog, part farm blog and hope you all will stay, read, and buy lots of beautiful food from your local farms! After all, no farms, no food.


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