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day to day

It has been two weeks since I’ve moved to the farm. Everyday is different, but there is a general routine that we follow.

6.30-6.45am: Wake up to all of the roosters crowing. And crowing and crowing.

7am: Head out to do the morning animal chores.

Check on and feed and water the chicks.

chicks in the brooder

Give fresh hay to the cows.

Golden, who is expecting a calf this summer.

Morning egg collection.

Feed and water our three chicken flocks.

Peep in the greenhouse.

7.45-8am: Breakfast! For me, hot oatmeal and tea.

9.30am-1pm: Morning work. Two days a week are harvest days. We could be building the new hoophouse, sowing in the greenhouse, prepping new beds, etc.

1pm-2pm: Lunchtime! Usually something with an egg on top.

2pm-5.30pm: Afternoon work. Sometimes similar to what we did in the morning. More sowing, transplanting seedlings outside, working on smaller building projects. Afternoon egg collection.

After we finish work, I might go for a run, ride my bike into town, or do some yoga.

We alternate cooking dinner each night and drink lots of hot tea as the sun goes down. At night, I’ll usually knit and listen to npr or podcasts. Everyday is different, mostly fun, and full of good work. This week, there was sun almost everyday! Spring is definitely in the air.

brand new lambs from next door



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