running and races

i have always been active but this past year i stepped it up a bit and started running seriously. as i start training for my first marathon, i will write up my training plan and recap my long runs.  upcoming races include:

san francisco bay to breakers 12K– May 16

seattle rock n roll half marathon– June 26

houston half marathon- October 24

chevron houston marathon– January 30 (if i get in through the lottery!) I am in!

post marathon:

rodeo run 10K– February 26

houston marathon training run:  8 miles

VERY hot and humid.  the route that i planned was not quite long enough so i had to run up and down the last block a couple of times.  i didnt eat anything before going out which was very stupid so when i found a juice vending machine around mile 5, i was quite grateful.  i finished at the cvs and chugged a gatorade g2 which may have been the most refreshing beverage possible.  finished in about 1:20 or so, not counting the juice break.


good thing it is my step back week, because i rolled my ankle pretty badly on a short run.  resting and icing for a couple of days until i had have some lateral motion back.

houston marathon training run: 10 miles

after 2 weeks of crosstraining and very light running, i am finally back to my training schedule.  i woke up a little too late so it got pretty hot for my 10 miler.  it was pretty exciting to do a double digit run as i haven’t ran this far since my 1/2 marathon in june.  studio and schoolwork have definitely increased in the past two weeks and i have been averaging maybe 5-6 hours of sleep a night which is not good.  during the run i could feel my pace dragging because my body felt tired.  when my garmin chimed in at 10 miles i felt very relieved.  finished in 1:45, including water breaks and crossing some major streets.

on another note, i have joined a hot yoga studio at the very cheap intro rate for the next month and plan on taking advantage of this as much as possible.  especially tomorrow.  after being on a yoga hiatus for so long, all of those chatarungas hurt so good.

houston marathon training run: 12 miles

this was the best long run i have had in awhile.  the weather is finally cooler and was perfect for running.  it was also the first day that i felt decently well rested and could easily maintain my goal pace.  fueled by peanut butter toast and sport beans, the miles ticked by until my garmin turned to 12 miles!  this run really proved that sleep is very very important so i am going to try to get more rest, despite the impending doom that is studio.  step back week next week scheduled just in time for the new york field trip!  finished in 2:01.

houston marathon training run: 9 miles

i was in new york for a studio trip for fall break and had to squeeze in one longer run sunday morning.  even though i lived and worked in new york one summer, i lived far enough away so i have never ran in central park before this trip.  i woke up early after a late night, ate 2 dates, and headed out.  it was slow and cold to start, but after 2 miles, i was warmed up and attempting to power up those hills.  this was a surprisingly good run given the circumstances and the lack of food before.

houston marathon training run: 13.1 miles!

back in houston.  very good weather for running, even though i slept in.  due to homecoming events, many port-o-potties have made an appearance on campus which was great for providing tissues.  i could only choke down a couple bites of toast and took hammer gel with me for fuel.  BAD IDEA  the texture and flavor (tropical) were awful!  i broke into a college common for a mid run banana, which was a good idea.  the last two miles were a bit painful and my mile splits show that.  excited that the next few distances will be pdr’s!  i am glad i got this run in on saturday, as on sunday i was suddenly felled with a terrible cold.  my yoga pass expires this week, so i am going to attempt to go every day of this week!

houston marathon training run: 14 miles

after a slightly more stressful week, i headed out saturday morning for my first run over 13.1 miles.  i think just knowing that every step beyond that distance was a PDR made the run more tolerable after everything started to hurt.  i think i need to incorporate a bit more strength training and core work into my routine but at this point in the semester i can barely get the miles in during the week.  i also ate a bit more before the run and the extra calories definitely gave me a boost.  finished in 2.22!

houston marathon training run: 12 miles

after one week off(ish) due to some unfortunate foot pain, i set out on my long(er) run yesterday morning after a big rainstorm.  i wanted to run between 10 and 14, but cut it short due to prior engagements.  my foot felt great during the run and i managed some decent splits.  not exactly sure how far and what my time was because i left my garmin at studio and ran the long way to school to get it.  i only took in 2 shotbloks and a small piece of toast but my energy level was good and i definitely felt that i could have kept going.

houston marathon training: post charrette and winter break

so after charrette (and about 1.5 weeks with little to no running), i jumped back to the marathon training.  in the 6 weeks after school ended, i have completed 14, 15, 16 (times 2), and 18 milers.  i went out to yesterday for my 20 miler(!) but stopped early (15 miles) due to worsening knee and hip pain.  i have been really happy with my endurance progress and am really confident that i could have done all 20 miles, if i didn’t have any pain.  i think that i may have been overtraining and not really taking any step back weeks in the past 6 weeks and it finally compounded during this 20 miler.  with 3 weeks to go, i really should start tapering, but i think i will focus a bit more on cross training for the first part of this week and run 20 miles next weekend.  then, it is TAPER TIME!  can’t wait for the marathon, despite this (hopefully) small setback.

and ps- running back in the northeast was terrible.  i have great respect for all of the winter runners up there.  good to be back in houston in shorts and a tshirt.

houston marathon training run: 18 miles

one last long run before the marathon!  after some resting and much needed cross training this week, i was able to complete one more 18 miler before the big day.  managed to sneak in just under 3 hours which felt great.  didnt eat enough before hand or use nearly enough body glide on my feet so i was feeling hungry and blister-y by the end.  i cant believe that in less then 2 weeks i will be a marathoner!

houston marathon training run: 8 miles and some thoughts

due to a slight knee injury, i cut my taper to only 2 weeks.  i think that this will still be fine and i will be prepared (taperwise) for the race.  on my last long training run, i felt such a mix of emotions.  elation to only be running 8 miles, fear about conquering the big 26.2 miles, and pride for all that i have accomplished within the last semester (even with studio) and within the last year.  i can’t believe that i ran my first half marathon last april and am about to run a MARATHON this weekend.  hopefully the weather will hold up and not rain until AFTER the race and big houstonian crowds will be out cheering every runner on.  in the end, i just want to finish with a smile and, hopefully, come in under 4 hours 30 minutes.  mentally, i feel pretty good about the race and every time i run i imagine how i would feel at different points of the race.  now, i am just anxiously waiting for the day!

houston marathon: the race

on January 30, 2011, i finished my first marathon.  it took a bit longer than i thought it would, but finishing with 2 arms and 2 legs and a smile was my goal.

two months later and what am i doing now?

training for an event is a funny thing.  you work (sometimes) tremendously hard for something and suddenly, it is all over.  this also sounds like charrette, haha.  after the marathon i took almost a week off from exercise (pretty much the for the first time ever in years during a noncharrette and uninjured time period) and thought about what i wanted to do fitness-wise now that i had all of this free time.  i am still running, although much shorter distances now that i have nothing to train for and my longest distance since the race has been the rodeo run 10K (fun but super crowded).  i have shifted my focus back to yoga and strength and core training and i feel buffer already.  my latest minor obsession is bodyrock and in particular the halo of sweat workout (the title of this workout is so, so incredibly true).  in fact, today i wore a shirtdress that is feeling a wee bit tight the chest and arm area because of my growing muscles!!  after graduation (!) and moving (!), i think i will focus back on to distance running and hopefully, will be back at my favorite hot yoga studio ever.


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