holiday gift guide 2011!

We all know that the holidays are all about family, friends, and celebration, but the perfect gift for someone makes everything that much sweeter. Here are some items that would make anyone smile.

These awesome and cheeky terrariums from Twig are perfect for those who want some greenery, but have a black thumb. Not a necessity in life, but isn’t this what gifts are for? They are based in Brooklyn, but ship some terrariums nationally and have fun terrarium kits for you to build your own. I love the scenes that they create using model train figures!

Beautiful to look at and use, Heath Ceramics knocks it out of the park with their Plaza Line of dinnerware. When I used to live in San Francisco, I would often stop by their shop at the Ferry Building and just admire the pieces. I really this this line because they can be seamlessly mixed and matched with a lot of different dinnerware pieces that you already have. The shapes and colors really let your food pop!

Sharon Montrose takes some of the cutest and beautiful photos of animals around. I am coveting her new book Menagerie. Or, order prints of their favorite animal at her store. How can you resist these baby animals?!?

Speaking of prints, here is a fun one from one of my favorite online art site 20×200. I think we all need to retire some of the old posters that we have been holding onto since college, right? 20×200 makes it easy (and cheap!) to view and buy prints that you want. For the mechanically or photography minded friends on your list, this print, Old Camera, by Todd McLellan, definitely fits the bill.

Personally, I don’t wear a lot of jewelery, and when I do, I gravitate to more minimal pieces. Upper Metal Class makes great pieces starting at $30, like these sweet triangle earrings. I love that these go with everything and your recipient will think of you whenever they put these on.

Local honey! With the rise in urban bee keeping, almost every city has distinctive local honey now. Give them a taste from your neighborhood or theirs. Here in Seattle, we have tasty honey from the Ballard Bee Company, which keeps bees around the Ballard neighborhood, including on restaurant rooftops!

I Believe I can Fly ( flight of the frenchies). Trailer from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.

And, if you are broke like me, maybe just spending time with your best friend/boyfriend/sibling, etc. would be the best gift. May I suggest you spend it by watching this awesome and crazy documentary? These Frenchies combine basejumping and highlining for some serious adrenaline rushes. Can you imagine cartwheeling off of a cliff? I get flutters in my stomach just watching the trailer.


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  1. evoo

    Very bloggy! You sure have spent a lot of time in the blogosphere. I actually made myself triangle earrings recently and they look a little strange when worn. They’re around the same size as those, but I think a little smaller might be the way to go.

    I came here for vegetablish things though.

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