i know i have been neglecting this for quite awhile and there is really no excuse due to charrette ending in early december.  but the post charrette relaxation, finals and final projects, traveling, and holidays have all gotten in the way.  the next time i post a recipe, it might be too late (or will it?) for all of the cookies that i made this holiday season.  but 2011 will hold a lot of new and exciting events that i can bring to this little space.

so, a wrap up of 2010:

i ran my first 2 half marathons and started training for my first full marathon

moved from san francisco back to houston for my last year of school

spent my third(!) summer in seattle

fell in love with hot yoga

weekend trips to mt rainier, orcas island, and wine tastings

made italian buttercream for the first time

scottish wedding in wichita

completed my second to last charrette (without death)


and to look forward to in 2011:

my first marathon (in less then 30 days!)


moving back to the west coast

a century bike ride

and many more meals and laughs with my favorite Love




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