morels morels morels

yikes!  it is already the middle of june!  after baking and eating those tarts, i stopped working, relocated to seattle for the summer, went home for my sister’s high school graduation, and am finally back with some simple mushroom toasts.  this really isn’t much of a recipe, but if you are in the pacific northwest this very second, it is morel season.  we picked up a quarter pound of these at the ballard farmer’s market and wanted to make something simple to really celebrate the complex, earthy flavors of the mushroom.  i sauteed the morels in some butter until they were almost dried and added a small glug of half and half (no cream available!)  we piled them high on a pieces of grilled bread and ate them all.

morels on toast

from orangette

i read this post years(!) ago and have used it as a base for cooking morels ever since.

as many morels you can afford

knob of butter

cream or half and half


clean the morels with a small brush.  cut them in half and make sure the inside is clean as well.  heat a heavy skillet over medium high heat and melt the butter.  add the morels and cook them until they start to release some moisture.  season them lightly and continue to to cook them until the pan is almost dry.  pour a small amount (about 1 tablespoon or so) over the mushrooms and stir until the cream is absorbed and heated.  check the seasoning again and serve over toast or grilled bread.  i garnished with a bit of minced scallion but you can leave them out or use other herbs like chives.


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