kale pizza with an egg

i have a lot of favorite foods (oats, greens, chocolate) but my most favorite food of all is pizza.  on my last trip to new york i ate pizza 3 times and still felt like i didn’t hit enough pizza places.  even when it is bad is it still pretty good!  its also good thing i am living in sf where pizza restaurants are popping up every month.  a trend that i have been noticing lately is adding a fresh egg on top of the pizza and letting it set up just until the whites are cooked and the yolk is nice and runny.  a problem that i have with making pizza at home is the temperature.  professional ovens get a lot hotter than home ovens do which allows the dough to cook very quickly and get nice and crisp.  some people have gone to extreme measures to make pizza at home like installing a backyard wood- fired oven or cutting the self- cleaning safety lock off of their home oven to get up to 900 degrees.

lacking both a wood- fired oven and an oven that belongs to me, i have resorted to this hack.  this may or may not have been a big part of my reasoning to get my cast iron skillet.  by broiling the pizza on a super hot cast iron skillet, you get a good char and still a pleasantly chewy crust.  i found some frozen pizza dough a few days ago and had to make pizza for dinner tonight even after a long run.  my topping choices were pretty limited but i think this was a very satisfying meal indeed.

kale pizza with egg

i knew i would like this combination of flavors because braised kale on toast with a fried egg on top is one of my other favorite meals.  i was worried that the kale would get brunt but it crisped up nicely on top like kale chips!

pizza dough of your choice.  i am still playing with mixing the perfect dough but there are tons of recipes out online.  may i recommend this or this?  i have also used the pre made dough from trader joes with decent results.

tomato sauce of your choice.  i resorted to using tomato paste this time.  i thought i was too sweet and really missed the bright acidic kick of fresh tomato sauce.

1 onion sliced and caramelized.  (i added some browned tempeh for some protein)

1 bunch of kale, washed, destemmed, and lightly steamed or sauteed just until it started to get tender.  make sure it is not too wet

tiny handful of capers, drained

generous amount of parmigano

1 delicious egg

preheat your broiler and your cast iron skillet for at least 15 minutes (dont be like me and get impatient!)

in the meantime, prep all of your ingredients so they are ready to go.  stretch out your dough to a small round (make sure it fits your skillet.)

i have to build my pizza inside of my skillet due to my broiler constraints, but it is still pretty good.  when your skillet is hot, quickly place the dough inside, spread the tomato sauce (less is more) and top with the onions.  place inside of your broiler and wait  for a couple of minutes.  open the broiler and quickly top with the kale, crack the egg on top, and sprinkle on your cheese.  finish with a little olive oil and let it broil for a couple more minutes.  remove from the skillet, slice, and eat it over your cutting board with another sprinkle of cheese and some red pepper flakes.


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