shaved asparagus salad

i was looking through one of my new(ish) favorite sites recently for some new asparagus recipes or preparations.  at this point i have roasted about 8 bundles of asparagus (they are 2 for $3 if you go late enough to the civic center farmers market) and needed some new idea.  i liked this idea of shaving the raw asparagus thinly and tossing it with a light vinaigrette.  I did wanted  bulk the salad up a little bit but didn’t want to use a lot of cheese. So i also shaved some raw mushroom which soak up the sauce really well.  i wasnt sure how the tips of the asparagus would shave so i cut them off and sauteed them briefly.  this added another texture that was very pleasant.

shaved asparagus and mushroom salad

inspired by food52

(if you dont know about food52 you should check it out!  such great ideas and a great concept!)

1 bundle of asparagus shaved thinly on the mandoline or use a vegetable peeler, tips not included

large handful of crimini mushrooms shaved the same way

your favorite vinaigrette (perhaps refer to ruhlman’s ratio?)

handful of herbs (parsley, chives, scallion, etc)

pecorino or parm or your favorite hard cheese (optional)

mix your vinaigrette in the bottom of your mixing bowl.  i used a meyer lemon and sherry vinegar vinaigrette.  shave the asparagus and mushrooms right into the bowl.  toss lightly and check for seasoning.  in a skillet, quickly sautee the asparagus tips in a bit of olive oil.  or you could roast these if your oven is on already.  add the tips and torn herbs to the bowl and toss.  serve with shavings of your cheese of choice.


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